Klear Gard | 25™ With Tru-Core® Technology is a revolutionary new pressure treating product that performs a unique physical-chemical process to rapidly and deeply penetrate difficult to treat wood species. No longer is the wood surrounded by a ring of treatment, Klear Gard | 25™ With Tru-Core® Technology fully permeates and protects, all while maintaining the wood’s natural appearance. Unlike other wood preservatives, Klear Gard | 25™ can be specified to treat difficult to penetrate wood species including Douglas Fir, Redwood, Cedar, and White Oak. 

Lumber products treated with the Klear Gard | 25™ preservative system provides protection for above ground, exterior and interior applications, under conditions when wood can be attacked by wood-degrading fungi and subterranean termites (including Formosan termites). It provides excellent durability for products like railings, steps, decks, exposed beams, and glulams. This unequaled treatment product is metal free and contains no more VOCs than the wood product itself. Contact us today to learn more. 

  • Less VOC’s than the wood itself

  • No color

  • Does not contain metals

  • Only slight moisture increase on the woods surface which rapidly dries out

  • Accepts paints or stains

  • Wood products stay dimensionally stable

  • Non-Corrosive to Fasteners

Permapost is one of the few companies providing both fabrication and pressure treating at a single location. We consult with architects and engineers, then working from their plans we fabricate and treat structures such as bridges, sound barriers, boardwalks, campground amenities, and architectural lighting poles.

Permapost also provides “service only” options. We will custom fabricate and treat our customer’s material allowing them to utilize their own supply of engineered wood products, lumber, plywood, posts, and poles.